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ECOFS approved two days Feng Shui Introduction Course will be held on 20-21 June 2020 in London.

The next ECOFS approved Feng Shui Introduction Course will be held in Swiss Cottage, London NW3 3HP. A mix of theoretical study and practical applications, this two -days course will give you a sound introduction to the vast subject of Feng Shui. You will learn what Feng Shui really is about, why it can be so powerful and how to make some changes in your surroundings and your life. It will encourage you to think deeper about your living environment and its impact on your own outcomes. A comprehensive student manual is provided. You will gain essential knowledge of the core principles of Feng Shui. This introduction course is also a pre-requisite before undertaking ECOFS practitioner level training for students with limited prior knowledge.

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ECOFS Business Feng Shui Master Class will be held on 11-13 September, 2020 in London.


This three days Master Course will cover the commercial application of Feng Shui for both retail and office environments.Students will have the opportunity to learn business Feng Shui techniques and nuances from an outstanding teacher with vast expertise in its application.    

The aim of this course is to teach how to systematically apply Feng Shui in different kinds of commercial premises. We will focus on how to create the optimum atmosphere for attracting more customers and increasing sales revenue in retail business premises, as well as how to produce a productive working environment in office business settings.   We will make site visits to both office and retail businesses as real life case studies. Then we will work on the Feng Shui analysis using the San Cai Methodology developed by ECOFS and discuss its impact on the specific businesses studied. Several approaches and a set of suggestions for improvement will be developed for each of the businesses studied.


ECOFS accredited Professional Feng Shui Training Course starts on 1 October, 2020 in London.


The next ECOFS accredited Professional Feng Shui Training course will be taught in London from October 2020 to November 2021 with a year of free metoring afterwards. It has five modules of six days each (Thursday - Tuesday) making 210 hours of expert classroom teaching. A student study forum and mentoring are also on hand throughout the course to ensure that every student does well.


The course is structured to provide an exceptionally high quality theoretical and practical training that includes many case studies and site visits. Its unsurpassed content covers topics not often taught in practitioner level training, some of which would be of particular interest to students involved in the built environment and health practices. You will gain unparalleled skills when you study with ECOFS.


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If you want to become a fully trained feng shui consultant, look no further.

ECOFS Professional Training Course in London starts in 01 - 06 Nov. 2018.

Fully Accredited by the Feng Shui Society

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Module One will be held: 01 - 06 November (6 days) 10am - 5pm
in the Adamson Suite at Swiss Cottage Hotel NW3 3HP
(one minute walk from Swiss Cottage tube, Jubilee line)


This accredited professional course is structured to provide an exceptionally comprehensive and
high quality training for students to acquire superior skills and become competent feng shui

The course will be spread over 15 months with five 6-days modules to make up 210 hours /
30 days of classroom-based training and includes extensive training manuals. A further free mentoring is provided for graduates.The full course fee is £5900 paid in three instalments..  Qualified feng shui consultants may apply to study individual modules within the course. For enrolment, expression of interest and more information, please contact:


Howard Choy:

ECOFS Principal and Teacher.


Sylvia Bennett:

07779 139187

Co-ordinator London



Associated Event:

The Feng Shui Society Accredited Foundation Course

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"Good Luck Comes when the Elements are Together" -

An Introduction to the Core Principles of Feng Shui.




Two days introduction study course being taught in London


Feng Shui Society Fully Accredited Foundation Course


Teacher: Howard Choy FSSA B.Arch. Feng Shui Architect


Principal of European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS)


25 -26 September 2018, 10am to 5 pm.


held at


The Adamson Suite, Swiss Cottage Hotel


4 Adamson Road London NW3 3HP


( 1 minute walk from Swiss Cottage tube)


Cost: £290.00 It includes a full course notes manual



This comprehensive and intensive Feng Shui Society Approved foundation course is designed for participants with little or no prior knowledge of Feng Shui. It aims to provide students with a sound introduction to develop their understanding and appreciation of the vast subject of traditional Feng Shui.




The teaching methods are a mix of theories and practical applications. We will go into the core principles to find the answers to encourage you to think deeper about your living environment and how it can affect your own outcomes. By the end of the two days you will be able to make some basic changes in your home and in your life. An attendance award is given upon completion of the course. Students’ learning will be supported with generous detailed course notes.




Howard Choy is bi-lingual and China-trained in traditional Feng Shui, in practice for over thirty-five years. He will give you a genuine understanding of the traditional theories and contemporary practice of Feng Shui, using materials drawn from recognized Chinese Feng Shui classics. Then you will start to understand what Feng Shui really is about, why it can be so powerful and how to begin to use it yourself.




Graduate students who wish to pursue the subject further will have gained the foundation knowledge required to join our ECOFS two year practitioner level training, which is fully accredited by the Feng Shui Society.




To book your course place, or make further enquiries, and register interest:


Phone: Sylvia Bennett 020 7419 7828 or 07779 139187


Email: Sylvia Bennett (London Organizer)


Email: Howard Choy (Principal ECOFS Berlin)






Past Events 



The Feng Shui Society Conference (VIII)

May 17 - May 18
The Gulbenkian Conference Room, Park Crescent Conference Centre at International Students House,
229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN United Kingdom.


During these two day I will be on hand to meet prospective students who may be interest in doing the FSS accredited Professional Practioners Training Course, so do drop by and I can expalin in detail what you can achieve with this two-years course. 


"Hitching a Ride with your Yearly Star"

A one-day workshop with Howard Choy on yearly Flying Star


Time: 10am - 5pm, March 15, 2014

Venue: London University International Hall. Lansdowne Terrace,  London WC1N 1DJ  Great Britain  

Cost (including workshop notes): £65

To book: Please contact Sylvia Bennett in London: 020 7419 7828 / 07779 139187.

Email: or

Howard Choy: (ECOFS Berlin). 


Did you know there are two different ways to work with the yearly stars in a Flying Star chart?


One is the well known method first written up by Master Shen Zhu-Nai in his Flying Star classic, “Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue” (“Shen’s Xuan Kong Study”) published in the early 1900s and the other is the less known “secretly passed down” method from the Jiang Zhong-Shan lineage.


This one-day special workshop will show you how these two methods differ from each other and how you can use them effectively with an individual house chart, in particular for the current year of the Horse (2014). The course will include a case study concentrating on practitioner skills development.


You are also welcome to bring in your own work sample or your own house plan for us to use as job samples, so you can hitch a ride with your lucky stars for the Year of the Horse.


All welcome, although a certain amount of Flying Star knowledge is an advantage but not necessary. 






Consultants Training Day Saturday 9 Nov 13 Howard Choy

09/11/2013 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

 | £25 & £35

FSS Consultants Training Day
Saturday 9 November  10am – 5pm
Venue International Halls Lansdowne Terrace London WC1N 1AS
FSS Consultants £25  Non-members £35   Buffet lunch & refreshments included

How to Read the Qi of a Dwelling
An Essential Skill for a Feng Shui Consultant

Knowing what is Qi and how to analyse it is a core competence required of a Feng Shui consultant, yet many are uncertain about how it can be done in a clear and systematic way. In the consultant’s training day we will take you through this process step-by-step, both in theory and in practice, using   sample case studies.  Teaching notes and a working checklist will be made available for each participant.

The day’s content will include
Form Qi v Formless Qi:
The San Cai qi and how to measure them step-by-step using yin yang dialectics:
Practical applications of correlative and rational thinking:
How to practically integrate all audited information into a meaningful whole to analyse  the qi of a place.

Come along and refresh your understanding and use of  Qi!

Howard Choy   was born in China then brought up to Australia.  He is China trained in classical feng shui, having studied with many eminent teachers including Master Ren Zhi-Lin from Hong Kong and Professor Wang Yu-De from Wuhan.  He is well versed in the theory and application of kanyu feng shui from both an academic and practitioner’s perspective. As such, he takes pride in his cultural heritage and has always been motivated to ensure that feng shui, a living tradition from his birthplace, can continue to thrive and enjoy success worldwide.

A practising architect,  Howard has moved from Sydney to Berlin, where he runs an architectural practice with his wife Gyda Anders. He is also principal of the European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS), teaching feng shui and  consulting throughout Europe.



The Feng Shui Society 20th Anniversary Celebration Conference Weekend

Conference 18 May 2013, Workshops 19 May 2013,


Price for 2 days: £150, Consultants £100, lunch included

Price for 1 day: £75, Consultants £50, lunch included

Speakers: Davina Machal, Karen Kingston,Michael Oon,

K B Lim, Derek Walters, Howard Choy, Neil Kingham, William Spear.

Workshops:  Howard Choy, William Spear.

Marchmont Conference Room, Hughes Parry Hall, 19-26 Cartwright Gardens, London WC1H 9EF

To book your place: email

or call 020 7419 7828


Saturday 18 May Conference Day One



Let there be Sheng Qi - Feng Shui in old China



In October 2012 Howard Choy took a group of students on a Feng Shui study tour of China. They visited over twenty historical sites, including ancient towns, traditional villages, temples, a UNESCO listed grotto and a 1500 years old wooden pagoda that has survived numerous earthquakes. A great deal was learnt about how feng shui was applied in traditional buildings. Several of these ancient sites and modern projects will be presented to demonstrate how feng shui has sustained the test of time and works just as well in the present as it did in the past.


Sunday 19 May Conference Day Two

Half Day Workshops Morning 10am – 1pm



Make your Flying Stars Really Fly


Having learnt the basics of Flying Stars, many have trouble dealing with a changing period or a changing yearly star in their charts. In just 3 hours this workshop will show you how to look at the influence of the current Period 8 on a building built in an earlier period and also how to carry out the two different ways of assessing the influence of a yearly star, one written by Master Shen Zhu-Reng (Shen Shui Xuan Kong Xue) and another passed down by Master Luo Shi-Peng from the authentic Jiang Zhong-Shen lineage.

Please feel free to bring in your own work samples for us to look at and we can use them as practical case studies after learning the theories ( we can only accept one or two examples, so please register early). This is a rare opportunity for you to learn something not being widely taught elsewhere. Some basic knowledge of Flying Star is required to reap the benefits of this short course.


For further and up-to-date details: